Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tried to be a good lover

Assalamualaikum and Hi.

It's been a while this blog's blogger MIA aite ? hahaha. I AM BUSY WITH MY LIFE. What do you expect me to do huh ? haha. 
Okayy, so I am here to talk about something that really IMPORTANT especially for someone who are in love. Awwwww  ehh ? Love ? Euwwwwwww. hahahahah. Me ? Talking about love ? hahahahah. Me ? Me ? okayy, euwww -______-"

So, everyone (who are in a relationship) really will make something or trying to be a better and good lover right ? trying to be an understanding girlfriend. But I know, boys *rolling eyes* with their attitude that we sometimes cant really understand what was in their mind. hmm. Again. BOYS *rolling eyes*

HAHAHAHA *rolling eyes*


I know boys hate it. I knowwwwwww..... haha. Okay, tak salah nak membebel ke apa, terutama bila si lelaki buat silap. But PLEASE know your limit. Ya, ya, saya sendiri kuat membebel, terutama bila dia... hmmm.... wait ! Saya membebel setiap masa ! OMG ! OMG ! hahahaha. Okay, just stop complaining about everything all the time. Kadang kadang benda kecil pun nak membebel. Pelik betul lah ! People make mistakes. He makes mistake ? Deal with it, accept it, and forgive him. Dan jangan mengungkit okay ?


Wow woooowwww, stop being too controlling. He's not only YOURS. I mean he have his family, his friend and HIS LIFE TOO. It's not all about you. Please understand. Give him his space when he's with his family or friends. Give him his space when he's on his computer games. Just trust him.


Share everything with him. Never hide something. If he really sincere to be with you, he'll accept everything about you. But please stop talking about your ex-boyfriend or exS-boyriendS. Never comparing him with your ex. NEVER. If he can accept you for who you are, can't you just accept everything about him ? Nobody perfect in this world. Everyone have their own flaws. Just face it and accept their flaws. And there's something important that you should take note. You can talk about your ex with your boyfriend sometimes, but DONT EVER talk to them in front of your boyfriend ! Enough with just 'Hi' and move on and and just focus with your boyfriend. Or maybe you shouldnt even contact with your ex. 'Just Friend ?' Pfttt, stop lying to yourself girl.


Dont just go with 'I'm fine'. I always did this, but all I did was upset him even more ! You're not fine, so go and talk to him. It'll make you feel better. Trust me. If he did something or have habits that you doesnt like. Just told him about it. Dont faking it and act like you're really cool about it. He smoking ? And you hate it ? Just told him that you didnt like it. But never try to push him to stop. Never try to change him. I always advise him to stop smoking. And I'll never stop. I hate cigarettes' smokes. I truly hate it. I hate it. I hate it ! Can you pleaseeeee stop smoking ? Pleaseeeee. hmmm.. Okayyy, now I have to re-read what I wrote about nagging and whining. hahahaha.

Haaaaa. Baca ! Baca !

Ohh, and one more thing, stop faking your face ! Too much make up ! Euwww ! Arghhh ! Euwww ! Try to show him your face without make up. He'll be fine about it. Ohh ? He's running away ? Not my problem. bhahahaha.


Okay this was my mistake. I did this before. But I tried to change it. Hmmm. Whenever you got problems with your relationship, please dont talk about it with someone else. Just try to deal it with your boyfriend. Dont call your bestfriend and talk about your boyfriend mistakes. It'll hurt them. If boys had problems with their girlfriend, they didnt tell anyone about it. They just shut themselves up. And dont updated your facebook status or tweets about your problems. Why must you tell the whole world about your relationship issues ? It just have two person in a relationship. Not the whole world. Not everyone cares about your stupid relationship issues anyway. I always did that before. It was my mistake. And now I changed that. I deactived my twitter account just to avoid this thing happen ever again. And I will not regret.

So, girlfriends ! If you have one of those things that I wrote. Can you please, try to fix it ? They are not good to you. Love ya ! =)

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