Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cleaning up my closet !

I just turned 18 last week.

Life is upside down. Really. Seriously. Haha.

Look ! I've told you. It is upside down. pffft

Actually, it is time to clean my closet, my bed, wow you can say it's my whole room. Sucks right ? haha, but still i've to clean up every inch in my room. I hate cleaning. No, I'm not REALLY hate cleaning, I just afraid to found something that I hate when I clean up. Well, you know what. It's a monster. A spider ! Yes, it is A MONSTER !

Hahahahaha !

Eh bye !

Anyway, ingatkan nak buat Wordless Wednesday tapi tak jadi ahh. :)


jeragang said...

you should

Namee Roslan said...

:D wah, tapi kalau tengok closet saya lagi dasyat. hehe

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