Thursday, June 16, 2011

The most creature that I hate and afraid of

Morning world !

I'm awakeeeeeee, wiping my eyes.
Get up lazy-ly, tidying my bed.
Get my towel, and get ready to shower.
Open the bathroom's door.
Put my towel at the hanger behind the door.
Turn around......

And .....


I saw a BIG SPIDER on the floor !
[Spider ini comel]

O.M.G ! O.M.G ! O.M.G !

I seriously feels like wanna screaming !
But, I don't know why my voice can't get out ! It\s stuck in my throat !
What am I suppose to do ? What am I should do ?
After a while, after my mind came back.
I turned back, open the door and run as fast as I can !
Argghhhhhhhhh, I hate SPIDERRRRR-ERRRRR !

Meremang bulu roma walaupun saya sebut perkataan tu !
Nak tengok gambar spider pun geli + takut, ini kan lagi nak berhadapan dengan binatang tu.
Shoooo, get away from my bathroom ! And my life too ! Please ?

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